Offering Baseball Pitching and Hitting Instruction and Softball Hitting Instruction in South West Virginia for Athletes wanting to improve and take their game to the next level.  We serve athletes in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and 13 other states.

Whether  you want to excel in recreational, school, travel, showcase, college or pro ball we can help you get on the right path and lead you in the right direction.  The Blue Ridge Hitting and Pitching Academy is a private training facility owned by Dwayne and Kim Puryear. We have helped many athletes achieve their dreams of playing pro ball, college baseball and softball at the Division I, II and III levels.   We are here for the long-term success of the athlete. 

We teach Major League pitching and hitting mechanics.  We use Right View Pro to break down the student’s swing and pitching and throwing mechanics. We will show you how the best do it, so therefore, you can develop and train to be your best.  We put you side by side with the best hitters and pitchers in Baseball,
For Softball, we put you beside the best hitters in softball.  We also teach lessons on throwing, fielding and catching.  IT is our explanation of the mechanics and movements that makes us different.

In house lessons:

Lessons are 45 minutes

All new students come in for an initial evaluation.  The cost is 60.00.  The 45 minute evaluation includes a video analysis.  All initial evaluations and lessons are to be paid at the time of scheduling.  We accept checks, cash,  Mastercard, Visa and Discover.
After the initial evaluation is completed, the annual Membership fee is 25.00 and the membership prices are as follows:
                                 1 lesson                              50.00   
                                 3 lessons                          140.00
                                 6 lessons                          252.00
                                10 lessons                         400.00
                                18 lessons                         648.00
                                26 lessons                         832.00

One hour lesson 60.00
30 minute lesson 40.00
Non  members:   lessons are 45 minutes and the cost 60.00 and can only be scheduled if a member cancels and an appointment becomes available. 

  contact us at 276 728 5046 or

rescheduling policy:  If you need to reschedule an appt, you must give a 24 hour notice.  if you miss an appt or do not give a 24 hour notice, the lesson counts.  If you do not agree with this policy, please do not sign up for lessons with us. 

There are no refunds on lessons.  All lessons must be used within a year of the purchase. 

Ever wonder why so many high school pitchers top out in low to mid 80's? Why only a few go on to higher levels? Why so few ever reach their full potential? Simple, majority of these pitchers  are being taught mechanics that are holding them back.
Why not use the same mechanics as Major Leaguers who did reach their full potential.
If you are working with anyone on pitching and they are not using video analysis, then you are wasting your time and money. The pitching motion takes approximately 1.1-2.0 seconds and needs to be slowed down on video to see the true motions. 
Dwayne will break down your pitching and show you through extensive video analysis what you are doing that is holding you back.
Do not become part of the 95% of high school pitchers who never reach their goal because they buy into pitching philosophies and terms that do not work such as stand tall and fall, keep front shoulder down, shorten your stride, pause during wind up or do not drag back foot.  Instead  become part of the 5% that do make it to the next level

As with pitching, Hitting needs to be broken down in slow motion and is why Dwayne uses video analysis for hitting students as well.  Dwayne will show you flaws that are robbing you of your power and consistency.  We adapt our hitting style to the individual instead of using a cookie cutter system or camps with 60 athletes to 1 instructor


We do NOT offer
batting cage rentals so that we have an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. 

1266 E. Stuart Drive Hillsville, VA 24343
From I-77, take 58 E towards Hillsville.  Go 3 miles and the building is on the left
From NC:  52 to 58 E, take right at stop light, go 1 mile and building is on left


While playing and coaching at the college level and scouting for the Kansas City Royals, Dwayne has gained valuable experience that he is able to pass on to his students.  His players are catching the eyes of many college and pro scouts.
    Dwayne's experience also coaching college level softball gave him the personal insight to take softball players to the next level and to compete in today's highly competitive softball arena. Many of his students have won offensive awards as the top hitters on their team and his students have had a 100% success rate for school, travel ball and showcase tryouts.

About Dwayne
Dwayne  is an Associate Scout for the Kansas City Royals and a coach for the Kansas City Royals Scout Team.  He is affiliated with the Virginia Wesleyan College Showcase Expo;  one of the premier events on the East Coast for high school students to gain exposure from Major League Scouts and East Coast College Scouts.  His unique gift of explaining the mechanics needed to play your best game has helped many students achieve their collegiate and MLB dreams.
      He played center field and was a left-handed  pitcher.  While with the Tidewater  Drillers Organization 1987-2006, he  played in many  Roy C. Hobbs World Series held in Fort Myers, Florida.  He was a member of  the 1983 James Madison University College  World Series Team and the 1985-87 Virginia Wesleyan  Baseball Team.
       He served as the Asst. Coach for Virginia Wesleyan College Baseball Team  years 1988-1991 / 1993-1997  as well as the Asst. Coach/Hitting Instructor for the Virginia Wesleyan  College Softball Team   from 1990-92.  He made Virginia Collegiate All-State Selection in 1985 and 1986.  He loves teaching hitting and pitching and enjoys passing on his baseball and softball wisdom to his students.   Dwayne also wishes to educate parents and players on long-term arm care for pitchers through proper education and mechanics.  He also enjoys teaching proper and powerful hitting mechanics that will get a player noticed by travel, school, colleges coaches and pro scouts.

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